Here's one thing I've learned from the movies! (littlefoot82) wrote in pillarofquotes,
Here's one thing I've learned from the movies!

Overheard in line at the Shrek 4D ride at Universal Studios...

GIRL: What's the difference between 3D and 4D?
HER FRIEND: 4D has one more D.

ME (aside): That's the sort of response I would give, except that girl wasn't being facetious.
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Relatedly, I saw an interview with Matthew McConaughey in a crappy magazine in which he said he enjoyed deep-sea diving as it was "one of the only 4D experiences you can have," but rather than revealing that he's a time traveller or some kind of hyperbeing, I think he maybe meant the ability to move both up and down. :(
There is, in fact, a Back to the Future ride about 200 yards from the Shrek show, where one can pretend to go back and forth in time.

Matthew McConaughey is an idiot.
He is an idiot and he has also not been a good movie since Contact.
Aw, come on, "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" had its redeeming qualities...
It was pretty good for a chick flick.